It's been awhile! 12/30/2009

Hi All!

It's been a while since I've written huh? I'd say that's a good thing, because I had only been writing when I was in the hospital! : )

So I've been home since 12/18, and in general, thing have been going really well. I haven't been sick, and my checkups were going pretty well. I did have to keep on giving myself shots twice a day to help thin my blood (ha, I should say Nick had to give me the shots- I did it once). But I was finally able to stop doing that this Monday. Yahoo!

I did have a pretty rough time on Christmas day and over the weekend. On Christmas day, I started feeling the strangest sensation that my body was shaking when it really wasn't. Vertigo maybe? I felt like I was in a washing machine and was being shaken from one side to the other. I was also really lightheaded and dizzy. I had a doctors appointment on Monday and wanted to wait to go in until then, because if I went to the ER, I knew they would admit me and I would be there for at least 5 days. I just couldn't bear that thought. If I had felt much worse, I would have gone in, but I just laid low and tried to wait it out.

When I went in for my checkup on Monday (with my Mom and Rhetta) they confirmed that my blood pressure was really low. The top number for most people is about 120. My normal now is about 95-105. On Monday (and over the weekend) I had been in the low 80s, even dropping below 80 sometimes. So that had something to do with the lightheadedness. The other thing they found was that I was dehydrated. So they lowered my meds so my blood pressure comes up a bit and had me go home and eat an extra salty meal (heh heh) and drink lots of water. Sold!

The great news is that with that combination, I am feeling TONS better. The shaking is almost completely gone, I'm not lightheaded, and my blood pressure is coming up. I told Nick last night that I felt stronger and better than I can remember feeling in months. : )

The other good thing was that we got to spend a wonderful Christmas with my family. Mom, Dad, Skylar and Rhetta drove over 30 hours (!!!) to come see us. We laughed, goofed around, ate yummy food, played games, opened presents, and had a generally awesome time. They had to go home yesterday morning, which was so sad but, man alive, I enjoyed their visit!

Skylar gave me a great tip last week that Dad was really wanting some green (non-roasted) coffee beans for Christmas. I thought that if I couldn't find green coffee beans in Seattle, I was really pathetic, so Nick and I went on the hunt (online) and found them at a place near the market.

Nick dropped me off in front of the coffee place so I could go in and pick up the beans (parking is rotten down there, so he just circled the block). I got the beans, and the girl behind the counter asked if we had a roaster. I don't know what happened to me, but for some reason I felt cornered, deer in the headlights, completely blank. Like anyone who's cool would obvisouly have a coffee roaster-duh. So I just said "Uh yeah, for sure". Folks, I don't have a coffee roaster. Neither does my dad. So then I realized I made a big fat mistake and she may have some roasting instruction that I NEEDED to know, so I casually said "but, uh, you know, if I uh, DIDN'T, how would you go about roasting these beans?". She looked at me weird and then told me how to do it on the stovetop. I thanked her and got out of there as fast as my heart would allow. ; ) I am a total dork, and am obviously not cool enough to be part of the coffee crowd. But Dad loved the beans. : )

Anyway, Christmas was a blast, and I'm ready to go back to the real world, aka work- but the doc said not yet. We will have another discussion at my next appointment next week to see if she will let me go. Oooohhh, I've never wanted to go back so much in my life! Fingers crossed for a good week this week so she will see I am more than strong enough to "insurance it up"!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and happy happy New Year to you!! Here's to 2010!! Cheers!

Hannah Sales may you enter 2010 less eventfully than you have been closing out 2009. No news is good news right? love you girl!!!

Michelle Gonzalez McMullen Thanks for the update! Wishing you a blessed new year full of good health, laughter, and work for you both!

Tammy Chriss Starting a new chapter in 2010...may you start off the New Year with more good health news and less doctor visits, more feeling better and less not feeling so good, more positive results and less negative tests, more salt and less shots :) {{{angel hugs}}} Wishing you to end and start the year with smiles, laughter, joy, peace and lots of lots.

Errin Kramer-Wilt Hey Jana, Glad to hear that you are finally having some good days thrown in the mix. Sorry to hear that there have been some downs still though...good thing for you, cause otherwise I wouldn't forgive you for not responding to my email about us all getting together for dinner next week :) Get in touch and let us know what day might work for both of you. Have a great new year!!

Jana Farrill Morrelli Errin- I've got to do a better job of checking email! I'll respond. :)

Errin Kramer-Wilt you better! ;) people want to see you and nick ya know! hehe

Allen Vary I'm so glad to hear it. I can feel for you with the ins and outs at any moment and i know how you feel not having to be pushed into the hospital all the time! AWESOME!

Kathy Malvern Glad you had a good Christmas Jana. Sounds like a fabulous visit with the family. I look forward to hearing your chipper voice soon. :)

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