Hi folks!

We are doing some chores around the house today. I'm mostly directing, but I am doing a few things too (primarily finding medical bills all around our house and organizing them).

Also, Nick is cleaning out our fridge of all old, smelly, or salty foods. Old pot roast- gone! Bacon-gone! Pickles- gone! Goodbye salty friends, you will be missed (except the pot roast. That stunk).

I had a weird episode last night, and now that I think about it, it started a few days ago. A few days ago, I started to notice that the skin on my thigh (from my knee to about 10 inches above that) was feeling weird. Like kind of numb or not as sensitive as my other skin. No biggie though. But last night as soon as I got into bed, it started burning. It felt like when you have been out in the freezing cold for hours and you come inside and your skin feels so hot it's burning. It felt like that. And then at 3:45am I woke up with a terrible stabbing pain in my thigh, and I screamed. It only lasted 10 seconds or so, but it hurt like crazy. Nick thought Sparky had gone off and it scared him to death.

So I called the doctor on call at UWMC right then (who I happened to know from my recent stint there) and I told him about the symptoms. He said is sounds like a problem with my nerves there (maybe a pinched nerve). He said it didn't sound like a blood clot at all, but if the stabbing pain comes back, I should go in to my PCP or the ER. I got an appointment with my PCP for tomorrow morning, so we'll see what she says.

In other news- Lauren is coming over to visit later this afternoon, so that will be fun. I'm sure we have some trashy TV to catch up on. Real Housewives of Orange Country started this week, and there was more fighting than RHO Atlanta! Oh, this season's gonna be good. Slade is now dating Gretchen (Yes, a measly few months after her sugar daddy Jeff kicked the bucket) and Tamara won't let it go. Mwhahaha!

And Chuck and Errin are coming over tonight to bring dinner, and I'm pretty excited...Errin is going to attempt to make low sodium Macaroni and Cheese! Yahoo!! She has done some recon and thinks it can be done. I have faith in you Errin!

I do love all these visits...I told Nick last night our dance card is getting full! I do love having a fan club. : )

Alright, I'll talk to you all soon!

Michael Fogel
Jana, sice you are a fan of bacon you should try bacon salt or baconaise! totally low soium,zero fat, zero calorie vegetarian and kosher, cause everything should taste like bacon!

Jana Farrill Morrelli
Haha, Michael, I'll look into it! Thanks!

Rhetta Farrill
Oooh, you could try a salt supplement like Mrs.Dash...
Or you could just think of all salty foods as pot roast. :)

Jenny Lavik
Sounds like i need to reserve my spot for Thanksgiving weekend! I'll be over for sure!

Funny about the RHOC...! I totally forgot it was starting this week. It will be shown a thousand times in re-runs though so I'm sure I'll catch it soon!

Kelly Morrelli
Mmmm....mac and cheese!?! Can't go wrong with that! Perhaps instead of salt just subsitute cheese. Mmmmm....cheese. thinkin of ya!

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