Happy New Year!

Hi All,

Happy new year! Ah, a new fresh year and so what if it is 2012. Pish posh. What the heck do the Mayans, Hollywood, thousands of authors and the quack on the corner of Yestler and Boren know about the world as we know it coming crashing to a halt? Nothing, I say.

Ooh, guess what- decommissioned Sparky 1.0 arrived! When I got the replacement defibrillator/pacemaker last year (Sparky 2.0), the Medtronic sales guy asked if I wanted to keep 1.0. Um, yes please. For many reasons.

1) It is hands down the most expensive thing we've ever had in our house (excluding the actual house).
2) Who needs a coffee table book to start a conversation when you've got the world's smallest paramedic to show off.
3) It's engraved with my name!
4) They say you can't sell it, but they obviously haven't heard of Craigslist. (Just kidding Mom! And the pacemaker crime squad!)
5)Sparky 2.0 needs a pal.

So 1.0 is now lovingly displayed in the coffee table basket that holds our remote controls, bobby pins and cloth measuring tape. Tada!

Speaking of Sparky 2.0, he's been cool as a cucumber with no interesting events whatsoever. The extra anti-arrhythmic meds I started in November are working beautifully and have put the ablation surgery off indefinitely. Yahoo! When I first started them, I was so tired I thought I'd have to go for the surgery because I couldn't take being that wiped. Like can't chew or hold up my head wiped. But that went away after a few weeks and all is well.

I've been feeling really great the last few months (except for those bad few weeks) and it's just glorious. I got through finals just fine (whew) and was able to enjoy a fabulous few weeks of vacation with family. Nick and I did the Christmas road show from Ada, OK to Austin, TX which included eating as much Mexican food as time would allow, going to see Tin-Tin, shootin' (not shooting) at cans, and laughing it up. Good times.

I just started back to school- hold on to your hats folks. Statistic and Finance. Who cooked up this pairing? Oh well. So I'll be knee deep in Excel holding a financial calculator for the next 10 weeks (See you in March).

I am glad to say I'm way more calm about this quarter. School is certainly hard, but I'm realizing that too much stress makes me sicker so there is a time to just lay off the books. The good part is I've learned to follow through with that a little better. From the beginning, I saw going back to school as a way to learn to deal with stress in a way my heart could handle. Trial and error is the name of the game. And I've learned the key is listening to my body. When my heart starts to hurt- stop. No pushing through, no toughing it out. I hate that, but it does pay off.

Well, here's to a happy, fun, healthy, safe, blessed, inspired new year!
Much love,