Things are looking up! 11/18/2009

Hi All!

Well, I've had my morning visit with the docs, and they say my numbers are looking good, and they are going to take me off the IV med I'm on (Dubuterol) and get me back on pills. This is awesome because it means I get to get this swan thing out of me!!! Hopefully this afternoon. Glory be!

That also means I may be moving to the "floor" (that means a non-ICU room) today. And that means all sorts of good things like a shower, a non-beeping room, and I can pee in the bathroom instead of in a little chair! That chair thing is just the worst. If you have a shy bladder, good luck. ; )

I've been feeling kind of sick again today with a cough, sore throat, and sneezing. If it's just a cold, we'll just wait it out. If it's some kind of flu, they'll start me on Tamiflu. Both options are fine with me.

Ooh, Elf is on! I love this movie. Although it made me not be able to eat syrup for a while. I am getting excited about Christmas decorating! We won't be able to go to Austin for Christmas this year (so sad), but we are headed down there in early January, so that will be great. And my parents are comtemplating coming up here for Christmas, or maybe later in the spring. It will be great to see everyone! I can show you all my Sparky scar.

Speaking of Sparky, I don't think I told you all about the great deal my dad found one day too late. The day after I got Sparky, my dad found an ad on Craigslist-Islamabad, Pakistan for defibulators! $139.99, with FREE shipping to the US! What a deal. I told my doctor about this and he didn't think it was as funny as I did. He said "good luck finding someone to put one of those in". Ok Doc, you've got to lighten up and learn how to take a joke! Although if Dad had been here, he would have been dead serious. His motto: "Never buy new when you can buy used!". ; )

Ok, I'll write more later if something cool happens.

Love you!

Derek Morrelli "Buddy the Elf, whats your favorite color?"

Hannah Sales Good to hear you sounding chipper again!

Jillian McJannet thanks for the update! we're glad your spirits are up.

Kelly Morrelli Who knew you can craigslist difibulators?!? LOL...glory be to craigslist.

Michelle Gonzalez McMullen Ken actually owned Elf when I met him It was one of our early date movies. I love it too. Keep up the good work my friend! Hugs.

Melissa Owens Reasoner I can't believe your dad found a defibulator on craigslist! Your dad is so awesome! Glad things are looking up for you!

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