Sucess is a check up at the doctor that DOESN'T result in admission! 12/11/2009

Hi All!

Well today was my one week outta the hospital check up and they didn't say I had to be admitted! That's a big step in the right direction!

All in all, things are pretty good. I had a really good week, I'm sure because I was not suffering from some cold 'o' the week. I had a few spells of palpitations and shortness of breath, and a little lightheadedness, but nothing horrible. So the docs were pretty happy with that, and are keeping things status quo, to see if we can make it 2 weeks of feeling good. My vote is yes. : )

Having a good week really made a huge difference in my outlook too. I feel like I can do a few more things now. I went to the movies today (by myself!). You may think how sad, but that is one of my favorite things to do. I love to see any movie I want to see (Up in the Air), drink what I want (diet coke, extra ice), and sit where I want (near the front, no one in front of me so I can put my feet on the chair in front of me). That's my idea of a good time. It's just so peaceful, quiet, and utterly satisfying.

Oh, I think I'm going to start working from home part time next week! And while all my work friends are just dying about the thought of voluntarily going back to work, I'm so ready. My bosses have been fantastic this whole time, and continue to be fantastic as they are going to let me work from home, and just take on low stress projects. I just can't tell you how grateful I am to them for letting me ease into things. I know it's going to make a huge difference in my recovery.

I do have 2 doctors appointments next week, as they want to keep a very close eye on me. It is everyone's goal to keep me out of the hospital for a long time. I completely agree.

Oh, and fyi, Christmas decorating is done! I dread to see our electric bill this month, as I have put lights around every doorframe, window, railing, and mantle in our house. The upside is our house feels like the inside of a christmas tree! Merry Christmas!

Bye for now,

I love you all!

Tammy Chriss oh I wish I could see the inside of your Xmas tree * Do I need sunglasses to walk into your house? *giggles* It makes me happy to see you had a great week! You are so upbeat and even got to go see a movie by yourself...whoohoo! Did you get to put your feet up and get the usher bring you refills? *smiles* You are a ray of sunshine. Your journals lift my spirits and remind me we have the strength during weak times. Also to remind me we can choose to be postitive or to be negative. I always prefer posititve, but you just make it look so much more perkier that I want to be just like you! {{{angel hugs}}} and sending you lots of Light, like you need more...with friendship and love

Jana Farrill Morrelli Oh Tammy, you're so sweet,and your kind notes always make my day. : ) I reread your comments (and everyone else's) over and over again when I'm feeling low or lousy. : ) They are the best medicine (after carveidilol!) : )

Kitty Muller i want to see pictures of the inside with all your lights. that sounds so fun and beautiful. i love going to the movies alone too. glad you are feeling better this week. =)

Jenny Lavik Jana- I am sooooooo happy to hear that you are doing well! Just in time for Christmas! :-)

Sandy Farrill Daughter a good week is such good news. Can't wait to see you. Dad

Travis Rubelee That's awesome news! I know your ticker will be back up to normal in no time!

Cathy Heckendorn Yeah!!!! What wonderful news. We'll just keep praying for more visits like this.

Melissa Owens Reasoner Glad you had a good week! You should take pictures of your beautiful Christmas decorated house. :)

Sandy Farrill Yea! great news! We are looking forward to Christmas!

Peter Morrelli Great, keep up the good reports. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandy Farrill Your great grandmother said a good day is a day you don't spend in a doctors waiting room. And when your young pain is the absence of pleasure. When your 27 pleasure is the absence of pain. Dad

Mandy Morrelli Young So happy you had a great week!! You'll have an awesome Christmas. We love and miss you!

Gaye Morrelli YEA! YEA! YEA!.... xox

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