Going Home! 12/17/2009

Hi All!

Ha!!! My master plan worked!! I got up early this morning, took a shower, and was eating breakfast sitting in a chair when the doctor came in to see me. I looked so healthy and happy and chipper that to keep me as an inpatient would have been FOOLISH. So I batted my eyelashes (although without mascara that's almost imperceptable) and asked kindly if I could go home today. And the doctor said he thought so!

He then talked to his attending, and they agreed that I get to blow this popsicle stand!

I do have to give myself blood thinning injections twice a day until Monday. That will give the pills I'm taking time to kick in and do their blood thinning work. I've never given myself a shot before, but they say the injections are similar to insulin injections, and I've known several people who have to do that, and they seem to manage well. I'm sure it will hurt some, but it's gotta be done.

Now that I'm going home, Nick and I will be able to get the house in order for my folks visit next week. Yay! Now I will really have to mostly direct poor Nick but hopefully I can pitch in some...

Anyway, that's all I've got for right now...hopefully next time we talk I will be chillin at Casa Morrelli!
Love you!

Melissa Owens Reasoner Yay! Good news! So does this mean no art class?

Jana Farrill Morrelli yeah, no art class I suppose. But home is a good alternative!

Jenny Lavik Awesome! Wonderful news!

Melissa Owens Reasoner Yes, home is a much better alternative!!

Sandy Farrill ohohoooo

Skylar Farrill Looking forward to seeing you sis.

Errin Kramer-Wilt WAHOOOOO!!!!!! So glad you are going home again. Don't work too hard at home... I know you secretly like to boss Nick around :)

Michelle Gonzalez McMullen Good for you! Let's try to stay there!

Gaye Morrelli GREAT!! xoxox

Jennifer Nicoles Porter Woo hoo! I'll be sending "stay healthy/stay home" wishes.

Sara D. Nora well the good side about giving yourself injections is now you will be able to shoot up herion if you need to :) glad you are getting to go home and just letting you know that I have been thinking about you a lot!! love you!!

Jack Thomas Glad to hear it! The shots are such a breeze allen told me! And you won't feel them a bit!

Mandy Morrelli Young YAY!! :)

Jo Carson Praise The Lord!!!!!

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