Hi All!

So I'm still here in the hospital...I had hopes of leaving tomorrow, but those have been dashed. The doctors want to keep me here until they get me on the optimum amount of blood thinner, which will be at least through Friday, but if I know these folks (which I totally do) I will be here until Sunday or Monday. Bah Humbug.

The very good news is a cardiologist came to see me who I haven't seen in awhile, and she looked at my labs and said my heart failure seems to be very much under control for right now!! I don't have any extra fluid, my lungs are clear, I'm not lightheaded, my blood pressure is up (a good thing for me) and she was quite pleased. So that made me very happy- Yahoo for good doctors visits!

In response to the good heart stats, they also want to increase my meds while I'm here. So I might be tired over the next few days while they ramp those up, but ultimately, they will make me feel better soon, so let's do it!

Oh, speaking of blood pressure, I forgot to tell you guys about the other day...I was getting that ultrasound of my arm (looking for the blood clot), and as part of that they take a lot of blood pressures. And then they pulled out the tinest blood pressure cuff I ever seen (the size of a bandaid) and took the pressure on my fingers. I don't know why, but that struck me as hilarious, and I started cracking up. I asked if they were going to use teeny tiny little balloon thing to pump up the pressure (like something in Zoolander). heeheehee. It still makes me laugh to think about it. heehee.

Since I'm going to be here for a few more days and am crazy bored, I'm starting to beg the staff for things to do. I was about to ask if I could go on rounds with the doctors (I'm practically an expert now I'd say), but instead I saw an ad on the hospital channel for an art class you can take as a patient! I've never been an art buff, but now may be the time! And family- you can all expect to get drawings of hospital equipment for Christmas. You're welcome!

I'll be sure to tell you all how art class goes...I've never gone to a class in a backless gown before, but I have a feeling the playing field will be pretty level.

Love you all!

Cathy Heckendorn Jana, you have such a good attitude about this whole thing. I think the art class sounds wonderful, and I'm pretty sure your dad would LOVE a HUGE drawing of some kind of hospital equipment....

Jenny Lavik Ok... Now I'm wondering if the blood pressure cuff was the same size the specialty vets use on Kicha!!! :-). Sorry to hear u have to spend more time in the hospital but wonderful news from your cardiologist!!!! Maybe it's true-- this is the most wonderful time of the year!

Mandy Morrelli Young Wow an ART class! That is SO cool they have that at the hospital. Painting and drawing will make the time fly. Thinking about you!

Travis Rubelee Boo! You need to quit visiting those guys! You know what George Carlin said about doctors, "Alot of guess-work and a white coat!" We miss you and hope you're out soon! I know they're doing their best and they'll get you fixed soon enough!

Nick Morrelli Do the offer any surgery classes? I like their surgery better than their art.

Katie Kwast Stoneman Art class sounds like a great way to spend your time! I didn't hear the answer about the blood pressure balloon. So was it teeny tiny??

Tammy Chriss *laughs* oh Jana...I just love your journals...they always make me smile and giggle....and it's over things most people would be complaining and whining about...even tho you have every reason to complain and whine, but instead you make it positive. Hey you could write for a hopsital sitcoms...like Grey's. Oh art class...hmmm you might get a naked doctor to draw or sculpt mold *winking and giggling* You need to put a sticker on your "back" that says "If you can read this, please tell me to close my gown" Just sayin. Bet the hospital staff all love having you there...hmmm hope that is not why they are trying to find reasons to keep you there *smiles* Keep your chin up and your gown closed {{{hugs}}} with love

Rebecca Heckendorn Sorry you are still in, but as everyone says, I love your attitude. You are an example to us all. PLEASE post any art work you do!!!

Jo Carson Art class whow, that sure sounds fun!! You might try your talent in writing a book about your stay in the hospital. I'm serious you got talent! You already have notes from your emails & such. Good news from the Good News Cardioligist. Give the credit to the Great Physician.

Kelly Morrelli Whoo-hoo good news from the doc this time! Have fun in art class!....took one of those once and 3hrs felt like 10 min!...however I wasn't in a open back gown so the calcs may be off a little. ;) love and light to you!

Gaye Morrelli I would LOVE to have a drawing of some hospital machine! Choose the one with all the whistles and bells!

Melissa Owens Reasoner WooHoo for good report from doc! Art class sounds fun. Maybe you can do a self-portrait?? Hmm, might be fun!

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