Don't skim this message, great news is hidden within! 11/21/2009

Hi Guys,

Happy Saturday to you all!

Drumroll please...I just took my first shower of the week! Yeah, you may be gagging a little, but I have been taking regular baby wipe baths. But there is nothing like washing your hair after 5 days. Glorious!!

I thought I'd give you an update on yesterday, as it was pretty fun filled...ok, not fun filled, but filled.

The doctors had been saying for a week or two that they wanted me to have an angiogram, which is a catheter test that goes in your groin (ack) and then a camera goes up your main artery to look at all the ateries in your heart, to look for blockage. It would be completely bizzare if I'd had any blockage at my age, but they wanted to rule it out.

So about noon yesterday, they roll me into the Cath lab operating room (with which I am very familiar now) and they get going. The make a little cut at the top of my right leg, right where my leg meets my body. I got some good pain meds and didn't feel anything. This was the easiest procedure I've had, by far. The looked all around, and didn't find one bit of blockage. Yahoo!! So they stitched me up and sent me on my way.

I did have to lay completely flat for 4 hours and I couldn't move that leg one smidge. It was fine for the first 3 hours, but by the 4th hour I had to pee bad. But when offered a bedpan, I decided I could hold it. : ) Amazing what one will do in the name of maintaining dignity. ; )

I was fine for most of the rest of the night. I got a little lightheaded a bit, but that went away.

Nick and I then watched The Goods with Jeremy Piven. It didn't look that good, but it was about guys selling used cars, and that is my heritage! So I thought I might enjoy it. No. I did not. The jokes were cheap and disrespectful to honest used car dealer everywhere (My dad's car business was named Honest Todd's. How much more honest can you get??) ; ) Anyway, we had to watch the whole thing because Nick can't stand to stop watching a movie partway though. Oh well, I didn't have any where to go. : )

As I was about to go to sleep last night I felt my heart start beating really harrd and somewhat fast. I called the nurse in, and as soon as he walked in the door, his phone rang. It was the department that watches the readings of everyone's heart monitor, and mine showed an episode of ventricular tachycardia. These are the irregular heartbeats that made the docs decide to give me Sparky earlier than normal. I had 14 irregular beats this time, which isn't enought to make Sparky go off, but it significant. I talked to the docs today and they are going to talk to the doc that put Sparky in and perhaps adjust the setting so he would go off sooner. The good thing is he wouldn't have gone off yesterday with that episode, but they want to make sure it would go off before I passed out. So we'll see what they do with that.

The docs also had the nurse do a little test with me this morning where she took my oxygen levels, pulse, and blood pressure when I was laying down, sitting, and standing. I did fine with laying down and sitting, but when I stood up, my pulse dropped 40 points, and my blood pressure dropped 22 points. They gave this some name I can't remember, but basically it means they need to keep tweaking my meds.

I've saved the excellent news for last folks...I wanted to see who was really reading and who skims. ; )
I asked my doc about eating on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I told him we would try our best, but is it ok if I go over my sodium restriction for those days. AND HE SAID YES!!! I can just take a diuretic the next day!

But here is the even better news. The doctor said I could move from a sodium restriction of 2 grams per day to 3 grams per day!!!!!!! Fast food is still out, but this give me TONS more options. Food can have taste again! I almost started crying when he said that. : ) YAY!!!

And on that happy, moderately salty note, I'm going to say adios!
I love you all!

Jenny Lavik YES!!!! Salty Turkey on Thanksgiving...! What more could you ask for! LOL! ;-) So glad you got some good news!

Jana Farrill Morrelli Jenny-hahahahaha!!!! That's awsome. I'm SURE I'll need a drink after all that salty turkey!

Jenny Lavik Me too! Can't wait to see you guys!

Sandy Farrill great news about the salt! Looking forward to Christmas! The irregular heartbeats is worrying. Thank the Lord for Sparky.

Melissa Morrelli Enjoy your salty turkey...thinking about you and Nick everyday.

Katie Kwast Stoneman hmmmm. I've had a blood pressure difference before depending on posture, but mine was an increase of about 20 when standing and decrease lying down. Yours is the opposite!! Congrats on the salt. I'm not a skimmer!

Athena Sears yay! this will probably be the best tasting turkey of your life!

Mandy Morrelli Young YAY! Three cheers for salt! So happy you can eat yummy salty turkey on turkey day!

Jo Carson So glad you are feeling better. You know Mamaw would be rejoicing with you she loved salt too!

Jo Carson Are you sure Nick is not a Dr? He sure looked like one in the cute gown & mask.

Rhetta Farrill Actually, it "Honest Todd's used cars, shady deals made here." hehehehe

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