2/2- Back to the grind! (sort of)

Hi All!

Well, I just wrapped up my first day back at work! I'm only released to work 10 hours per week, so it's definately a slow start. But after today, I'm pretty sure that's just what I need.

I was set to work 3 hours today, but once I got in the office and started to dig in, the time really flew by. Plus lots of my sweet coworkers came by to say hello so I had a busy day. : ) Good times! So I ended up working a little more than 4 hours and by the time I left I was shaky and dizzy. As I was taking the elevator to the parking garage, I'm pretty sure I was giving the guy next to me a really weird look. Oh well.

I'm feeling lots better now, but I know next time I'll cut it short a little sooner. And I'm working from home the next few days so I'm sure that will be a little easier.

I'm just going to be working on catching up with all that has gone on while I've been out. I won't be working directly with client's for a while, just because we all want to make sure I can work regularly for awhile without getting sick or landing in the hospital (I'm sorry to my client friends!). But it does feel good to be getting back on the horse!

In other news- LOST comes on tonight!! Yehaw! Evidentally, there is an hour long episode that recaps last season (thank goodness) and then a 2 hour new episode. I've got to say that I got pretty lost (hehe, get it?) last season and they'd BETTER wrap up all these loose ends. I just didn't get it when all of a sudden they were on the island 30 years ago. Huh? And why are half the people now in L.A.? Whatever, I'm hoping for answers tonight!

Any LOST fans out there, let me know if you like tonight's episode!
Love you all!

Rebecca Thomas That is awesome to hear.

Sandy Farrill Well good news. Is the girl that has your designer sickness form Beaumont? Did she buy fake Chineese purses in a back room on a back alley in the big apple?
I'll be watching lost and will fill in any gaps you have. Dad

Sandy Farrill Dad really needs to get his own facebook!

Jana Farrill Morrelli Dad- your fancy "I have TV" act isn't fooling anyone. ; )

Melinda Meredith Roberts Congrats! Celeste told us the great news today.

Sandy Farrill Mon is at her ugliest when she doesen't want to share.

Tammy Chriss {{hug}} yeehaw...enjoy getting back on the horse for short rides....go easy on yourself and breathe along the ways

Jo Carson I know your happy to be back on the job, but take it easy, time can get away from you. Love ya

Gaye Morrelli this is really GRAND news! just take it SLOW..... slow and easy wins the race......!

Sandy Farrill I am going to make Dad his own facebook and change my password!

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