1/29- Getting back to Normal!

Hi All!

Well, today was the doctor's visit I've been anxiously awaiting. My last visit didn't go so well because I'd had a rough week and was feeling super run down. The doc wasn't happy to see that and basically said we'll keep things status quo for the next two weeks to see if I improved. Translation= You can't go back to work, you can't travel, you can't do anything cool. Boo. Well, two weeks later and I feel really good! I've had lots of energy, I've been able to be out and about, and I haven't had a bad heart spell in over 2 weeks. Yahoo!

So the doc said with this allstar report, I can get back to normal a bit! I'm going to start working part time sometime next week. My bosses have been tremendously flexible and have said I can work from home for awhile, which is so nice. But K&P folks, I'll be in sometime next week to get some stuff, so I'll see you then!

She was also fine with us going to Leavenworth for our anniversary. : ) Evidentally, there is a hospital there, so if something went sideways I could go there. Memo to Levenworth: Please start cranking the snow machines now so we can see a winter wonderland. Also, Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce Members: Please dress up in deer outfits so we can see some wildlife.

On the medical side: the plan that my doc and I cooked up (she did most of the cooking) is for me to increase my blood pressure lowering medicine a bit more. My blood pressure is now solidly in the 95-105 range (I'd been in the 75-85 range), which is awesome, but now that it's there, we'll up the dose and see how I tolerate it. The goal of this medicine is to basically make my blood flow through my veins like a lazy river, so my heart doesn't have to work as hard. The hard part is if I have too much medicine, I'll get super lightheaded and dizzy, and could fall over when standing up. So it's a delicate dance...

The other thing I'll do is start cardiac rehab! I've never been so excited to excercise in my life. ; ) My doctor said it good to have the excercise monitored so I can learn how far to push it and when to back off. Also, we're both hoping I can meet some people that are in a similar boat as me (rather than just older guys recovering from bypass surgery). She knows of one girl about my age that had the same thing happen to her (virus attacked the heart) about the same time as me that goes to the same place I'm going, so maybe I'll get a compadre out of the deal!

So all in all, a very good week! I'm so excited to start doing more and more normal stuff, but I will have to keep it in check...I'll have to be careful not to overdo it. But I kind of feel like I've got 3 months worth of things to catch up on, so let's go!

Bye for now!

PS, Thanks to my wonderful friend Jenny Hawkes for making the trip from Red River, NM to come see us last weekend. We had a great time, and had a blast catching up. It was geat to see you Jenny! Mwah!

Carolyn Keen Sounds like a great Dr. visit Jana. So glad you are doing better.

Hannah Sales I'm sooo happy to see you're finally doing appreciably better!!! Have a wonderful trip to Leavenworth with your sweetie and if that goes well maybe a trip to AR is sometime in the future?! I wanna bring Khloe to you but she's gonna have to wait awhile for that one...

Jana Farrill Morrelli Hannah-I'd love to some see you guys! I'd hoped for January back when she was born, but maybe just a few months late? : )

Hannah Sales Hey I would be happy for any time... she gets more fun as she gets older and it'll prolly continue that way till she hits the terrible twos:)

Allen Vary Have they checked your hematocrit level in blood count. A super high level could cause thicker blood that may also stress pumping. You might ask just in case.
Glad to hear the good news though!

Jana Farrill Morrelli Allen-Hemocrit levels checked this morning and were doing good! (Good thought though!) :)

Michelle Gonzalez McMullen Don't push too hard yet. So glad you are feeling more normal!

Melissa Owens Reasoner Yay for the good report! James and I are wanting to come visit in the spring or maybe summer.

Mandy Morrelli Young Hip hip HOORAY! Great news, glad things are going better. We can't wait to see you. Much love.

Rhetta Farrill Yay, sounds like tis been a great week :D
P.S. I will be sure to make a phone call to the Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce to get those deer for you :)

Allison McNabb Hyland Great news you are doing better, Jana. Be sure to give that camera of yours a workout @ Leavenworth!


Kelly Morrelli Yay! I see you groovin' to "let's get physical" with leg earners and a head band! :)

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