2/15- Vacation and More!

Hi All!

We took a vacation!!!!! Granted, it was small, it was within driving distance, and there was no beach, but it was fun! We went to Leavenworth, WA for our anniversary/my birthday/valentine's day. For those of you not from around here, Leavenworth is a little town in the mountains about 2 hours east of Seattle. It wasn't snowing like I hoped, but there was plenty of snow on the mountains, and even in town, so it felt wintery for sure. We also met our awesome friends Chuck and Errin up there so we had partners in crime (if you consider eating and looking at porcelin german figurines crime).

The trip was great and pretty low key. We did lots of eating (surprisingly, the german food was lousy but the cheeseshop was right on point, as expected) and some drinking and some hot tubbing and lots and lots of laughing. : ) We stayed 2 nights and got home yesterday. I held up really well on the trip, but I was ready for bed last night. All in all, a great weekend.

And in other news, I had my consulation with the cardiac rehab folks today! I'm so excited about this because it's the beginning of me getting stronger and more confident with what my heart can do. Today's session was just paperwork and chatting. We discussed what the program will be like (rehab 3x week for an hour each time, heart monitor on all the time I'm there, and blood pressure checks before and while I'm completing each excercise), my medical history, and I asked if I could get my parking validated (I can. I'm obsessed with parking validation these days).

There were about 5 guys working out while I was there. I'd say they ranged in age from 68-80. Not a non-white hair among them. ; ) So I'll be the spring chicken...I'm sure it will be fine. : )

My first class is on Wednesday afternoon, so I'll tell you all how it goes!
Also, happy belated Valentine's Day!
I love you all!
Errin Kramer-Wilt Both of us had a fabulous time too!!! We make great travel partners. Also, I just realized I never wished you a happy birthday this weekend even though that was part of the celebration. So....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Jana Farrill Morrelli :) Thanks Errin!!

Kelley Dees Atkinson You will probably make the day for all the old guys in your cardiac rehab! They will be scheduling extra workouts just so they can be in class with the young hottie! : )

Patty Morrelli Tapney I was thinkin' the same thing as Kelley!

Sandy Farrill What a wonderful weekend! Love you

Tamara Donnelly Yay!! Happy birthday!

Michelle Gonzalez McMullen Sounds like things are looking up!

Fe Melissa Owens Reasoner Sounds like you guys had a blast! So glad things are looking good! :)

Kelly Morrelli Looking at is ok, but eating porcelin german figurines sounds criminal?!? hope yall had fun!! Happy Birthday!

Jana Farrill Morrelli lol Kelly :)

Mandy Morrelli Young LOL... Kelly!

Jo Carson Hey Glad you had a wonderful time. My Anniv, BD, Valentines celebration was not nearly so much fun. Ice Storm uggggg.

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