Short update- 9/22/10

Hi All!

We are about to head out of town for Oklahoma, but I wanted to write up a quick update about my Mayo trip.

We just wrapped up all my tests and my appointment with my doctor. The upshot is that things are about the same as I've heard, but I got encouraging news about how cardiac rehab and losing weight can help my heart get to it's potential. Meaning that my heart is weak, but is strong enough to take me doing more exercise and I should see see an increase in energy and stamina from that. Great news! I was under the impression that I was kind of at my max now, but that's not the case.

They did some additional tests that I'd never had before, and I feel like they were generally more comprehensive. The doc did recommend some prescription dosage changes, so I'll talk with my doc about those when I get home.

I'll write a much longer blog later (probably in a few days when we get to OK), but I just wanted to share the news. I do feel like I'm leaving here with a lot more peace and a renewed sense of optimism. So that was worth the trip alone! Plus getting to hang out with my family has been a blast too!

Thanks to everyone for their support! You guys are just the best. :)


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  1. Great news. I hope to get news directly from you before it's posted very soon!