No longer a grouch- 9/1532010

Hi All,

I'm happy to report I'm feeling much more, well, happy! I got out of my funk by yesterday morning, and am back to my normal self. It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do, huh?

Today was my last day at work. It didn't really feel like the last day-I'm not sure why. My co-workers are having a goodbye get together for me sometime soon, and I think that's when it will hit me. I'm sure I'll be crying a river, so I'll have to go pick up some waterproof mascara.

I'm pretty exhausted tonight. Again, confirming this is the right decision. I went to rehab this morning and then to work, and I'm going to write as quick as I can so I can go to bed! : )

Tomorrow is my first day of being work-free. I need to think of a cool way to say that. Employmently challenged? Mini-retirement? Independently wealthy? Wait, no....

We do have plenty to do though...I thought I would be bored stiff, but Nick and I have about 4 places to go tomorrow. Thank goodness for the handicap parking tag-that things gonna get a workout!

I talked to the Mayo Clinic today to confirm my appointments. They have me scheduled for a plethora of tests and they said I would be there for at least 2 days, maybe longer. I couldn't care less...I just want them to be thorough. I continue to get the best vibe from them. Everyone is so nice and completely has their act together. You know, mayo always was my favorite condiment- bahahaha! I've been trying to get a mayonnaise joke in here somewhere. Does it feel forced? : )

Ok, I'm gonna hit the hay. I just wanted to assure you all I'm out of my psychosis and can think clearly again. I'm so glad. :)

I'll keep you posted!


  1. your life is a whole new adventure now!!! ENJOY the interesting & new things you will come in contact with,,... keep a journal, here, or ..privately. My thoughts and prayers are always with you... xoxgayxox

  2. funemployed is one of my favorite terms...