On the menu? Mayo! 9/19/2010

Hi All!

I'm packing up to head off to the great state of Minnesota! I have my initial appointment at 7:15 on Tuesday morning, and then it will be at least 2 days of tests, consultations, and more tests. : ) I'm so happy I made the decision to do this. I honestly can say that I'll be fine if the docs say I'm doing the right things and all I can do is wait. At least I will have heard it from the best and I think I'll be able to move on from here.

I did do some research on the doc I'll be seeing, and I'm impressed. He went to the University of Bombay, and then came to the states where he did his fellowship at Harvard and then at Brown. Not too shabby! He specializes in heart failure as well as cardiac transplantation, so he should be able to give me guidance on transplant and all the other options.

I'm flying out tonight and will meet my parents and sister at the airport (they are driving up from Oklahoma). I'm so excited to see them! Rhetta (my 15 year old sister) and I have been planning how to squeeze in several mall trips, including the Mall of America (note: the "M" is capitalized. I checked their website). I'm not sure how tired I'll be from all the appointments, but I'm sure we'll be able to have a little fun too. : )

Then after we're done at Mayo, I'll drive back to Oklahoma with my family, to spend a week or so. I'll get to see my brother Skylar there- yay! Who knows what kind of fun we can dig up. We may need to try catfish noodleing. Are you familiar with this concept? You get in a creek, stick your hands under the creek banks, looking for catfish holes. When a catfish bites you, you pull out your arm with a catfish on it! Essentially, your arm is your fishing pole, and your fingers are the bait. Ok, maybe we'll just try to find someone else that's noodleing, film it, and put it on youtube. ; )

Nick is so bummed he couldn't come on this trip, but he's got a lot going on up here, and it's best that I have a loose schedule on this trip. I'm already missing him- he's in Lubbock this weekend, visiting good friends and his dad. They all went to the Texas v. Texas Tech game yesterday...and the Longhorns won! But Nick doesn't get home until tomorrow, and I leave tonight. : ( So I'll have to keep him posted via unlimited cell phone minutes!

Alright, I'm going to try to squeeze in a little nap before I need to finish up packing. I'll keep you all posted about the clinic visit!

Love you all,

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