It's a date! 2/22/2011

Hi All,

Alright, I've got the switch to Sotolol scheduled! I will go to the hospital on Monday, March 7th, and stay for 3 days while the drug is started. The docs will watch my EKG to make sure my QT waves don't widen (don't ask me what that means exactly, but that's what we're watching out for).

I'm so grateful there is another medication out there for me. There is so much about this condition that I have absolutely no control over, so it feels awesome when I have a concern about a problem and can do something about it.

The good news is I will be in the hospital but I won't feel lousy, so I should have plenty of time to scope out the hospital drama. You'd think the cardiac floor would be a real snooze-fest, but it's surprisingly interesting. Stay tuned!

Love to you all,

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