I'm approved! 2/25/2011

Hi All,

It's a good Friday! I just got notification that I was approved for Social Security Disability. This is awesome because it means that will be eligible to apply for Medicare in about a year. That is fantastic, because if I need a transplant in the future, Medicare will help with the bills immensely. Fantastic.

My monthly disability payments won't increase, because my private disability insurance will decrease by the amount of SSD I get, but it is more secure than the private insurance, and now that I am approved, there are way fewer hoops to jump through.

I was approved in about 5 months, and didn't have to appeal. That is pretty rare, as most of the time Social Security denies the petition at first, and several appeals become necessary. I guess I am lucky (?) enough to have a condition that is completely documented and my labs are all well within the approval standards.

I was jumping for joy when I got the letter this morning. Ok, I didn't jump but I did do a mean Jersey Shore fist pump. Crossing this off the stress list is such a relief. Nick was a little less excited. To him, it's just another reminder of how sick I am. I told him that nothing has changed. I'm the exact same as I have been, we just have more financial security now. It's definitely a good thing, but I understand it's just another dose of reality. Blech.

On the health front, I'm doing pretty good. I stopped the Amiodarone about 6 days ago, and I am pretty sure the jerking is becoming less frequent. One bummer is that I have felt some strange heartbeats and racing the last few days. It kind of feels like I got the wind knocked out of me and breathing is hard for a few minutes. I'm not sure if it could be a result of stopping the Amiodarone. That drugs stays in your system for at least a month, but it still could have something to do with it. I called my doc and she'll let me know if I need to stop by to have Sparky interrogated. I'm sure it's nothing, but I always like to make sure.

I can't remember if I told you I was going into the hospital to start Sotalol on Monday, March 7th. They were going to have me come in on Friday, the 4th, but I have fun plans that weekend and I have no desire to miss them for a stay in the 4 star resort that is UWMC. So Monday it is!

Well, I'm off to go stare dreamily at my social security approval letter. It's gorgeous. : )


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