4/1/2010- A good day's work

Hi All!

Since I haven't updated in a while, I thought I'd write up a little note.

As I said before, no news is good news, and it is!! I haven't had too much groundbreaking news to share lately, so I've just kept busy with normal, everyday stuff. Like errands. I'm a fan of errands. There is nothing better to me than having a list of things to do (pick up dry cleaning, drop off library books, go to the post office, etc), doing those things, and coming home after a productive day. I feel so dang accomplished. Like I'm a pioneer and have plowed the field, shot a bear, made a peace treaty with a native American tribe leader, and am finally home to put my feet up and watch Grey's Anatomy. A good day's work, wouldn't you say?

So I did have a doctors appointment this Tuesday. It was my first appointment in two weeks (the longest I've gone since OCTOBER. Yeah baby!) and all was mostly well. My labs looked good, heart sounded good, doc was happy. : ) My blood was waaayyy too thin, so we are trying to fix that so I quit bruising like a peach. So we'll have to postpone the fight club extravaganza we had planned for this weekend. Blast.

I do have some kind of pulmonary test next week which will tell us how much my heart is effecting my activity. I'm not too sure why I need this- shouldn't I be able to tell that by how far I can walk without grabbing the wall? Oh well, I'm not a cardiologist, I just play one on TV. The one good thing is it will probably show my heart is pretty weeny and that will be helpful in proving to my disability insurance company that I really am sick. They keep thinking I'm faking it I think. Then they get a copy of some lab that shows my heart looks like a 70 year old's and they shut up for a few weeks. Bah, insurance! ; )

Let's see what else is going on....Ah, did I tell you I've been going to counseling? I'm not sure that's the kind of thing you're supposed to put on a blog, but whatev. I've told you guys most everything else. Plus, I'm not ashamed of it- I'll shout it loud and proud! I was just feeling really overwhelmed and I do mostly keep a stiff upper lip and sometimes you just need to be able to whine to someone you are paying. :) They have no vested interest as long as the insurance claims go through! It's been good and I have been feeling tougher emotionally lately which is awesome. I was crying at the drop of a hat there for awhile. But getting better now!

In other news- Nick's cousin Derek is in town visiting and we are having a great time with him. The guys have seen every tourist trap this town has to offer, and then some! : ) They have also done a lot of cool stuff too (like going to Vancouver, BC today. Lucky!). I've gone along to some of it (like San Juan Island last week) but not everything because I still do get tired pretty easy. But it's been a ton of fun having Derek here. Love it!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and I love you all!!
Talk to you soon!!

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