3/16/2010- Smiling again!

Hi All!

Well, the last few weeks have been a bit of a bummer, but I'm happy to report that I'm doing good! I haven't had an "episode" in over a week now and yesterday I had a good doctors appointment! Holla!

Yesterday the labs were good, I didn't have fluid around my heart or lungs, and I wasn't having PVCs! The doc was so happy with that she increased the all important beta blocker, which makes me feel even better. Ha, take that heart failure!

Obviously, I'm in a much better mood too. : )

The doc says that while I'm on the upswing here, we'll keep increasing the meds and hopefully, that will give me a little more energy. The beta blocker is the one that makes my heart pump more efficiently, and every bit of efficiency means I have more energy to do things, rather than using all my energy just to have heartbeats. And I have to say, "doing things" is one of my favorite activities!

In other news, who is watching American Idol? I am so on the Crystal Bowersox train, but am also on the Sioban (Siobougn? Siobogn? Chavonne?) Magnus train. I told Nick last night that I know I love them both because I could listen to either one for a full hour and half concert. I can barely do that with ANY singer at all, so that's a big compliment! It also may be a small sign of ADD. Hmm.

Well, I hope I have no reason to update you all for awhile! Remember, no news is good news!

Love you!


  1. Glad to hear this news! Praying for you and your heart. Hang in there Jana!

  2. Wahooooooo!!!! And just in time for wine night too :)

  3. So glad to know how to be praying.
    Even more glad to hear some very good news.
    Take care, sweet girl.

    Samantha Rebstock

  4. Whoo-hooo! I'm on the Jana healthy heart train myself...but do love me some momma bowersox!
    Much love - Kelly.

  5. Jana, that is the best news I've heard all WEEK! Just stay in that ''good groove'' and keep feeling better and better! xoxgayxox