3 Things!- 12/22/10

Hi All,

Man, it's been almost a month since I've written anything- time flies when you're not in the hospital!

Things have been really good around here. Since I've healed up from the surgery, I feel excellent. I'm not sure if I feel better than I did a few months ago (maybe) but I feel 100x better than I did the month before I got Sparky 2.0.

I think the main difference is that I feel warm and can think so much more clearly. I was also hearing my heart pound everywhere on my body- I felt like I could see my pulse in my fingers, ears, arms, legs- everywhere. I've since learned that can happen when your heart rate is erratic and weak. So that's gone now too. Ahhhhh (she says with a contented sigh).

Sparky got his 1 month check up today. All is well! The doc that tests the device was training another doc on the testing equipment, so I got the detailed explanation of everything she was looking at on the computer screen, which was pretty cool. I found out that if my heart ever goes into one particular weird rhythm, Sparky will sound an alarm. From my chest. I know- wild. She tested the alarm for me-it sounds like a European police car. "Woooga wooooga" is the best explanation I've got for you. Crazy.

I've had a lot more energy overall this last month- I can do 3 things each day now if I want. Examples include 1) Go to rehab, 2) Go to the grocery store, 3) Do the dishes. Or 1) Get dressed all cute and style my hair, 2) Go shopping for a little while, and 3) Go to happy hour with my girlfriends. I'm leaning towards the latter, but that's just me.

So the energy has been great, but it's like I've gotten a taste of freedom and I want more. I feel like I have more energy than my heart can keep up with. For example- I've been having this raging urge to run lately. I just want so much to have that feeling of working hard, sweating, and willing myself to make it to the finish line. I want to be able to push myself and be stopped by my muscles burning, not because I feel like I got punched in the heart and I can't see. I used to hate sweating and working out hard, and now it's all I want to do. So next time you're on the treadmill and hating life- think of me and enjoy the sweat a little ok? : )

That's all I've got for today-Merry Christmas to you all and I'll see you in the New Year!

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  1. Hi Jana,

    I would love to talk to you. I have congestive heart failure as well due to the flu and possible inherited weakness. My doctor is at Evergreen Cardiologist and am waiting to get worse before I get a biventricular pacemaker.

    I would love to compare notes. I have read your blog and I think that is a wonderful idea.

    Please give me a call sometime. 425-996-1003

    I own 3 businesses and am questioning how long before I make a life changing decision about careers.

    I have had heart failure for 5 years now. I had a pericardial window put in last October to drain the fluid off my heart into the chest cavity. This gave me my life back until August. I have had episodes of shortness of breath, weakness etc same old stuff. Than November hit me pretty hard. The doc thinks the left side is getting stiff and thick, not able to take in as much blood and is working over time to keep my ejection fraction up on the right. But both sides are not in synch so it makes it worse. However, because my ejc. frac. is not bad enough, he says the insurance companies don't like to pay for the devise. I'm wondering if it is worth me calling to push the insurance to ok it. He hasn't tried yet. When the heart is not working properly, I am too short of breath to even put on lotion on my arm or even roll over in bed!! But I still have good days when it does work.

    The ratio is something like 3 good 3 bad and the 7 day is half and half.
    However, I own, www.jensallnaturalpetspa.com I work with animals. I have to have energy or I need to sell my home or let it go to forecloser.
    I am only 46.

    Call me or write me jgnorthern@yahoo.com!

    Thanks very much.