8/17/2010- Hawaii!!!

Hi All!

Just wanted to write up a quick note before we head off to HAWAII!!! We're going with Nick's parents , Gay and Pete, and we couldn't be more excited. A vacation is exactly what we need. Things have been a little stressful this year (I thought I'd downplay it today : ), so sitting on the beach, snorkeling, drinking cool beverages, and generally living "the island life" is what we want.

I got the sign-off on this trip from my doc about 2 weeks ago. She said as long as we were going to Oahu (we are) she was fine with it because there is a great heart hospital in Honolulu. So I wrote up a full list of my conditions, my meds, my doctors numbers, and the phone number and address for the Honolulu hospital, to carry with us just in case. It was kind of a depressing list, but whatev- we're going to Hawaii!!

We are renting a wheelchair there, so I can be pushed around in style when we go places with a lot of walking involved (Pearl Harbor, etc). And because of this, I got to pack cute shoes and not worry about packing sensible walking shoes. Ha!

We're going to go to Hanauma Bay to go snorkeling-oh I just can't wait. Nick remembers it from his childhood and the pictures I've seen look SNORK-TASTIC. : )

We'll go to the North Shore, drive around the island, hang out at lots of beaches (guarded by good ol' SPF 100 of course), and eat lots of yummy island food. I keep seeing rumors of shrimp trucks. Um, yes please. And sushi, oh the sushi!!

Well, it's about time to go, so Aloha! We'll be sure to post plenty of pictures.


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  1. Oh, I am so happy for you guys!!! I'm usually jealous of beach goers nowadays, but not this time...YEA YOU!:) Have a wonderful time of beauty and rest...and snorkeling too, of course:)