4/27/2010- Vacation at last!


Ahhh...vacation. Is there anything better? Additional vacaction? Ok, that would be better I guess.

I got back from Las Vegas last night at midnight- whew. I had a total blast and loved every minute I spent with Sara and Jenny. : )

I got in on Friday night and met the girls at the hotel. We stayed at Jenny's timeshare and it was fabulous! It had 3 (count em, 3!) bedrooms, so we each got our own room. Holla! And there was a private veranda that is bigger than our living room, dining room, and kitchen combined. Awesome I tell you.

We spent the whole weekend lounging at the pool, enjoying exotic beverages, eating yummy food and laughing. Tons of laughing. : ) We gambled a bit and saw a few shows- good times!

Here's some unbelievable news- I didn't get sunburned! SPF 70 in a spray can rules. I've heard rumor that you can get SPF 100 now. Oh, it's too much to hope for! I did have to put zinc oxide on my Sparky scar to prevent it from burning. The doc that said that a burn there would hurt like all get out. Ok, she said it would hurt, but I can only assume the amount would be "like all get out".

I did take all the precautions I could to prevent me getting heart-sick. I got wheelchair service at the airport, cause that's how I roll. ;) (Thanks for the joke Jillian). It was honestly a lifesaver. I guarantee I couldn't have walked to the gate without passing out. The real bonus is that I got to bypass all those healthy hearted suckers in the security line! Ha, that wiped the sympathetic look right off their faces. : ) Kindness for the ailing goes right out the window when the ailing get to cut in line. Heh heh.

Jenny and Sara also suggested we get a wheelchair from the hotel and use that around Vegas. That was really taking one for the team...do you know how hard it is to find wheelchair ramps in a casino? Hard!

Wheeling around Vegas was great, but not without it's snags. The first day, we got a bum wheelchair. The girls thought it was hard to push, but we kept going. Until we were crossing a cobblestone street in front of the Venetian, and we hit a bad cobble. And the little front wheel of the chair fell off!!! In the crosswalk! And the chair tipped forward and I almost fell out! (Nice driving Jenny. ; ) Anyway, a nice guy stopped and helped us put the wheel back on. Ah, the kindess of strangers!

We had a fantastic time, but I definately did feel the effects of the bum heart. I'm not sure if it was from doing so much (although we did kept a very relaxed schedule) or what, but my hands were super shaky, and I was nauseated a lot. And there were a few times when I had to prop up my head becauase I couldn't hold it up while we were wheeling around. I made a Drs appointment for this Friday just to check in and make sure all is ok.

It was a wonderful trip, and exactly what I needed. It took a lot of extra planning, but knowing I can go places again is so liberating!! And next time, Nick will get to enjoy the short security line with me! : ) Yahoo!


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